“For amateur golfers who happen to be married to each other, the IH&WGC is the perfect a way to escape to paradise in February with like minded couples.  The good mix of newcomers and returning couples quickly form an open, congenial party which builds new, lasting friendships.  The Johnstones have created a format which keeps the best and the klutziest duffers vying for prizes right up to the last putt on the last day and somehow makes everyone feel like a winner.   ---- And that's the truth!”      

Carr & Marian, California                                                                                                                                   


“If you both love golf in spectacular settings, if you both look forward to making new friends, if you both enjoy a little competition and if you love each other through trials and tribulations, then the IHWGC is for you!!”

Sam and Kelley, Canada


 “Best run amateur event we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot of them. The nicest people in the world are golfers, so your competitors must be the nicest couples – at least we think so!”

Nancy & Dick, Florida


“The Top 10 Reasons to attend the International Husband & Wife Golf Championship.....

10.  The food is always fabulous

 9.  The accommodations are always great

 8.  The golf courses are fun and scenic

 7.  The caddies can read your putts and find your ball

 6.  The tournament staff takes care of all the details

 5.  The resort staff takes care of all your needs

 4.  It's February, but sunny and 80 degrees

 3.  You get golf plus sightseeing, shopping, beach/pool time, spa and drinks with umbrellas!

 2.  You meet great couples from lots of different locations who share your love of golf

 1.  You get to do all of this with someone you love....”

Carole & Joe, Georgia


“We both agreed this was the best vacation weve ever taken!  We felt welcome from the moment we walked into the lobby. You also made this about the people, not just the golf… a spirit of genuine friendship sets this event apart. We will remember it forever and hope to be part of  it for the next 30+ years.”

Detta & Billy, North Carolina


“You two didn’t miss a thing to please people and made this one of the best times we ever had.”

Helen & DeLight, Indiana


“I would have to say that our involvement in the 14 Husband & Wife Tournaments has lead to a wonderful opportunity to meet and make long lasting friendships with people from all over the globe. We look forward to coming back to see our old friends and make new ones. Now if we could just play better golf things would be perfect! Love to you both”

Jack & Karin, Kansas


“Truly, you did a wonderful job for all of us and took care of every little detail. The dinners were very special – great places, good music, wonderful food and drink, and fun conversation; We enjoyed the golf courses, the other couples, the competition and had a very good caddie. Perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Sara & Claud, Michigan


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our week at Casa so special!  I can only imagine the work that you both did prior to our arrival, during and presumably afterward.  You made it all seem seamless...which I know is far from the truth.  The resort was wonderful, friendships were made, prizes awarded :-) and fun was had by all.  I heard someone say something about "herding cats"...well these "cats" really appreciate being "herded" so efficiently!!!”

Libby & Rick,  North Carolina


“Well, we didn’t play the best golf of our lives…but you gave us the vacation of our lifetimes!  We had such a terrific time.  See you next year!” 

Mary & Tony, Tennessee


“Thanks for organizing a wonderful trip. You are gracious hosts who took care of our every need. We can certainly recommend your services to anyone.”

Cindy & Bob, Michigan


“As usual we had a blast at this year’s Championship. The accommodations were terrific, the tournament well run and I loved zooming around the property in our golf carts. Thanks for another wonderful event.”

Donna & Dave, North Carolina


“This was an absolutely awesome event! You two sure know how to coordinate and entertain. Things I loved the most…Everything!”

Angie & Dick, Michigan


“The tournament was the usual success. We enjoyed being there and seeing our once a year friends! Half Moon is a great choice for next year. Everyone loves the resort. See you next year!”

Mary & Charles, Alabama


“We are thoroughly enjoying looking at the pictures. It was a fabulous week and one that will be remembered with fond memories. Hopefully, we will be able to join you next year.”

Sara & John, South Carolina


“Thank you for the amazing IH&WGC. We had such a nice time meeting so many new and interesting people. Al & I are looking forward to next year!”

Flo & Al, Florida


“Thanks for all the great pictures… Truly some wonderful memories!! You did a fantastic job of organizing and implementing this tournament. Thanks and we look forward to next year!!”

Tammy & John, North Carolina


“Our experience with you in Puerto Rico far surpassed our expectations. The manner in which we were treated, the caliber of the fellow participants, and especially the warmth and sincerity which you as our hosts exhibited made it easy for Mim and I to decide to join you next year…!”

Mim & Barry, New Jersey


“It goes without saying that we had a marvelous time at the IHWGC. You guys did an absolutely wonderful job not only conceiving a unique event, but also in selecting terrific locations and managing every aspect of the tournament. I know you have probably already heard enough rave reviews, but we hope you will accept our sincere thanks for arranging such a great time for all of us.”

Kathy & Hugh, Washington DC


Again, sincerest thanks from us both for such a great idea, and for your round-the-clock attention to all of us. I’m sure your mailbox overflows with complimentary comments from all—winners and losers.”

Martha & John, Virginia


“The tournament was really first class and we enjoyed the whole thing to the utmost. We enjoy the whole event, especially meeting so many nice people. Count us in whenever and wherever you hold your next tournament.” 

Connie & Paul, Pennsylvania


 “A wonderful place, great weather & good golf courses combined with the camaraderie of new friends made for an experience to be retold many times to our friends at home.”

Lynn & Rob, Illinois


Bonnie & I wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful tournament. You are obviously organized, professional, and wonderfully entertaining!”

Bonnie & Michael. Pennsylvania


“It was great seeing you guys again – you are still the best tournament directors I have met & most importantly truly wonderful, fun people!”

Jan & Peter, Pennsylvania


“It is always nice to attend a function which is professionally run by friendly and knowledgeable people.”

Martha & Tom, Georgia


 “What really made the tournament fun was the diverse group of people.  We are glad to have met everyone.”

Toni & Rob, Texas


“Enjoyed SO much and hope we can do it again next year.” 

Jill and Karl, Georgia



Jean and Frank, Texas


“Thanks for everything and for making your event 1st class.”

Mae & Doug, USVI.


“Greetings to Kathie and Bill.  Mike and I give you high marks on our tournament in Casa de Campo, you guys really run a fantastic tournament and all so very professional.  Can’t wait to hear where the tournament will be held next year, we certainly plan to attend.  In our words it is a ‘not to be missed event’.  Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing from you soon.”    

Sandy and Mike, Florida


“Had a fabulous time as ‘freshmen’ and proved that anyone can get in the Championship Flight, but it takes real golfers to win it!  See you next year.”

Sue & Bill, North Carolina


© International husband & wife golf championship